Stop paying unnecessary premiums on your workers compensation plan.  

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The CompLogistics Program implements a thorough, logistical approach to helping you take control of your workers compensation premiums.  

Too many businesses are paying unnecessary premiums on their workers compensation plan, and too few insurance agents take the time to give their clients the service that's required to make sure they are getting the best deal. 

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At CompLogistics, we have a proven 3 step method of helping you take control of your workers comp.  


Identify the Problem

Obviously, before any action can be taken to solve a problem, there needs to be a recognition that a problem exists. Most employers figure out that they have a problem when their agent gives them the bad news that their premiums are taking a substantial increase. 

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Create the Solution

We have found that most of the employers we talk to typically have a bid-and-quote mentality, and are doing business with agents that are just not equipped, or simply do not offer more than what they are asked for…a bid-and-quote. 

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Implement the Solution

Much of the processes that will benefit your company are done internally by our staff.  Our agency will assist in the (easy to implement) systems, programs, or processes that need to be implemented in your company.  

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But Wait, There's More!

There is nothing more important than getting a handle on claims. In addition to the loss control systems we provide, we include additional key insights to reduce, eliminate, and drive down the costs of your claims. Lower claims cost=lower future premiums.
Ever had that claim that just would not go away? It's a well-known fact that costs mount the longer a workers compensation claim stays open. The larger the claim, the greater the effect on future premiums. Did you know most claims adjusters have more active files then they can effectively monitor? Unmonitored claims typically stay open longer and the associated expenses mount. It’s is critical that somebody is monitoring your claims, and keeping your file at the top of the stack. Is your agent/agency monitoring yours? Our staff stays in regular communication with the claims adjusters working your files. Consistent monitoring keeps these files at the top of the stacks, and these claims tend to get closed faster. The faster a file closes, the lower the expenses to the account, and therefore the lesser effect on future premiums.
Having a safety culture is important! It should have a positive effect on loss control, and looks good to the insurance company’s quoting your future premiums. Our agency will work with your company to provide the direction and material to have a successful and consistent safety program.
Do you have supervisors that you need to be involved? We provide the materials to make sure everybody is on board. Examples of materials provided would include- The Financial Impact of Employee Injuries, How to prevent Worker Back Injuries, The Basics of Cumulative Trauma Injuries, etc.
You should be confident about your OSHA compliance. Our agency will keep you updated with the latest OSHA rules and regulations, regulatory updates about changing standards, as well as quarterly OSHA newsletters.

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