Step 1 – Identify The Problem

Take Control With There Simple Steps

The CompLogistics Program implements a thorough, logistical approach to helping you take control of your workers compensation premiums.

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Step 1: Identify The Problem

Obviously, before any action can be taken to solve a problem, there needs to be a recognition that a problem exists. Most employers figure out that they have a problem when their agent gives them the bad news that their premiums are taking a substantial increase. I am often surprised how many employers just pay the increased premiums and hope for better results or a better quote next year.

Truth is…very little of your increased premium has to do with the quality or quantity of quotes that your agent has attained for you.

The real (and controllable) issues that are the main drivers of inflated work comp premiums include:

  • Incorrect Classifications
  • Claims Frequency Issues
  • Claims Severity Issues
  • Incorrect Annual Audits
  • Incorrect Unit Stat Data

Most employers are not aware of the above, and unfortunately very few agents/agencies understand them either. For those agents/agencies that do…few offer the information and guidance to help their clients resolve these issues.

The relationship with CompLogistic and our clients begins by an initial assessment focused on identifying the current challenges driving inflated premiums for your business. Typical assessments include an initial interview with the employer, a physical visit of the operation, and finally a review of current and past policy information.

Understanding the data used in the calculation of a company’s premiums is a key component, and is a fantastic resource to quickly identify and zero in on the issues driving up your workers comp premiums. In addition, a review of a company’s experience data often uncovers misapplied errors affecting a clients premium.

Our program will review your policies for accuracy with employee classifications, audits, and Unit Stat data (the information that your exp mod is calculated from). Quite often employers not only secure savings on future premiums, but to also receive refunds on past premiums calculated with bad information.

We’re an agency that specializes in Workers Compensation, and our CompLogistics program is saving our clients money!

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