Step 2 – Create A Solution

Take Control With There Simple Steps

The CompLogistics Program implements a thorough, logistical approach to helping you take control of your workers compensation premiums.

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Strategize 300x500Step 2: Create a Solution

We have found that most of the employers we talk to typically have a bid-and-quote mentality, and are doing business with agents that are just not equipped, or simply do not offer more than what they are asked for…a bid-and-quote.

The most effective solutions an employer can utilize to drive down their insurance costs has little to do with the company or number of companies or agents approached for a quote.

The primary issue driving up Workers Comp premium is loss history!!  The frequency and size of claims matter.  Now this is certainly not the only issue, but it’s a big one.  The good news is you can control them…and we can show you how.

Our program works with companies to build processes to solve identified issues, and will assist in the supply of the resources needed to implement those solutions today and into the future.

If errors were found in the in the assessment stage of our process, our staff will work with your company to get these errors corrected and get your data corrected, premiums adjusted, or refunds issued.  It is not uncommon for employers to not only secure savings on current and future premiums, but to also receive refunds on past premiums calculated with bad information.

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